Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Red Elephant: You Are Invited ...

We are days away from our six-week backpacking honeymoon trip around Europe and having a hectic time packing, planning, and organizing all the post-wedding stuff. I am excited, nervous, and ready for a nice long trip back to Europe. Any recommendations for Spain, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, or Prague?!

I mentioned that my talented friend designed our wedding invite and I'm not gonna lie, the invite was one of my favorite fun projects of the whole wedding. It was personal, simple, and sweet. My friend designed it and we had it printed by Park Life Press--an awesome one-man shop based out of North Carolina. We limited paper products as much as possible by ix-naying reply cards, direction cards, and any other random pieces of paper often included in invites. I loved the end result ... check it out above. xoxo


  1. I love how it looks...So pretty and special! How fun that you are going to Europe for your honeymoon...Prague is amazing...enjoy the little streets..they have the best little coffe shops there:)

  2. That is a gorgeous card! So original and chic.

  3. Great!
    Wow, how sweet is your blog!!! :))
    If you get the time - and I hope you will :) - please check out my blog. I think you might like it!

    Hoping to hear from you soon, sweetie!