Monday, May 24, 2010

The Open Road & The Story of Our Special Day

We are back from our AMAZING road trip and scrambling to get our 'ish together before our big Europe trip. Check out some amazing images of our trip from my hubby who is an aspiring (and fantastic) photographer. Here's a bit about our trip in his words:

"We had a fab road trip over the course of a week. The first 24 hours were probably the worst, driving through hours of nothingness in West Texas and New Mexico. Spent the first night in Odessa, Tx which is a place hopefully none of you will ever need to go. As you can see the sunsets in the desert are the best ever! The second night was in Santa Fe, NM which was awesome. Worth visiting, but hella old peeps so kinda boring after dark, but then there are casinos which is where we won $300 and obviously lost it all back within 24 hour. The third and fourth nights were spent in Flagstaff, AZ which is an hour from the Grand Canyon, which truly was spectacular. The fifth and sixth nights we spent in Huntington Beach (SoCal) Shyla's old college stomping ground--and yes we did get wasted beyond recognition on tequila.

About the head shaving, I decided to do it on my way out of Houston after I sold all my stuff and packed my car. I felt like after quitting a steady job, and deciding to move and then travel for several months without a paycheck was a retarded enough decision to warrant something very extreme. At first it took a while to get used to, but now I totally love it, so it's going to stay for a while. Plus it was fun to see the shock effect on the fam since I didn't tell a soul about it."

Here are some images of the amazingly delicious food we ate too. I am now starving to be bathing suit ready for Europe in seven days, ahh!

OH ... I ALMOST forgot ... Check out this extra special link to a sneak peek of some stunning wedding pictures:


  1. That food looks so good:) It sounds like you had a great trip! The photos are amazing...such stunning views:)
    I adore everything....Have a great day my dear!

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing time. The photos of the sunset where breathtaking.

  3. love love your gold kohlapuris..this remind me i have to get one for myself too.

  4. Simply stunning. I love your wedding pics!! of your trip too (you can give your husband my compliments) but your wedding ones are just beyond lovely :P ! I'd love to share them on my blog with your permission of course...

  5. Thanks guys! As soon as we get a bunch more wedding photos in I'll definitely pass them along to share on your blog inspirationalladdu!

  6. Looking forward to it Shyla :)