Monday, May 10, 2010

I Got It from My Mama

We are knee-deep in packing and prepping for our cross-country road-trip from Houston to SF. If anyone has any suggestions of stuff to see along the way, let me know! Our plans as of now are to stop in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Grand Canyon, and Newport Beach (my old 'hood). Since I'm not home in SF I didn't have any access to these until I got some scanned copies from my Mama, but here's a bit of an homage to my very special mama the day after mother's day.

I love the idea of incorporating family photos into your wedding. Either in frames on a special area or hanging from clothespins on a line. We didn't get a chance to do this as wrangling in photos from India is no easy task, but here's a few I would have picked if we had:

Love you mama.

That's me in the testube! My mom and sis when they found out a baby was on the way.

I'm the crying baby ...
Sissy, Mommy, Me and some llamas.


  1. Such an adorable photos! Have a great time travelling and stay safe :)
    Kisses :)

  2. Beautiful photos! Have a great time :)

  3. that testube pic is classic. so amazing

  4. Very beautiful pics, your mom is so pretty...

  5. Lovely post... I love the photographs you have chosen. :).

    And the idea of incorporating family pics in your wedding is a great one. My husband and I had our baby pics on the guestbook table but thinking about it now, it would have been nicer to have our families' pics as well.

  6. Love the pics. Great idea..

  7. So wonderful a blog u have here and loved these sweet pics!!
    Jus emailed u some super giveaways !!!

  8. Thanks my lovely daughter. Love u lots
    Mama Z

  9. aww, these are gorgeous photos! all the best for your trip - hope you have a wonderful time :)