Friday, May 7, 2010

How Indian Guys Pick Up Chicks

I am actually on my way to Houston to spend the week packing Dan up and driving his car cross country from Houston to SF. (So why a I blogging instead of packing when I have to leave in one hours, ahhh?!) We are officially no longer ever going to have to be apart for the rest of our lives! Woo hoo!

My friend Sanjay is hilarious. So hilarious that he moonlights as a stand-up comedian when he's not busy being a big time corporate consultant. He is so going to be the next Russell Peters. (If you don't know who Russ is, google him and be prepared to die laughing.) Apparently at our wedding, Sanjay coupled with his bff Furhan, and their cousin Shazieh to do a skit on how dorky Indian dudes pick up girls at weddings. Check this hilarious 'ish out below. Watch 'til the end for a sneak peek of my walk down the aisle and my Dad tripping on my sari!

(Click here to watch it the clip won't fit properly below.)


  1. I am hooked to your blog after the, well, after many things, Alpana's engagement shoot and of course your famous elephant stamps :) Anyway, I am in Austin, so if your jaunt across the country takes you through Austin and you are tempted to stay a few hours in the only town in Texas worth living in :) :) :) would love to meet you!

  2. Hahahhahha....Can't stop laughing! What a great video. Thanks so much for the lovely morning..Ahhh so cool!
    Have a great weekend my lovely :)

  3. Oh...I am following you now!
    See you soon:)

  4. Thank you ladies! They are pretty hilarious, huh?! Raji, not sure if we'll make it to Austin, but let me know if you ever come to SF!