Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Red Elephant: You Are Invited ...

We are days away from our six-week backpacking honeymoon trip around Europe and having a hectic time packing, planning, and organizing all the post-wedding stuff. I am excited, nervous, and ready for a nice long trip back to Europe. Any recommendations for Spain, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, or Prague?!

I mentioned that my talented friend designed our wedding invite and I'm not gonna lie, the invite was one of my favorite fun projects of the whole wedding. It was personal, simple, and sweet. My friend designed it and we had it printed by Park Life Press--an awesome one-man shop based out of North Carolina. We limited paper products as much as possible by ix-naying reply cards, direction cards, and any other random pieces of paper often included in invites. I loved the end result ... check it out above. xoxo

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Open Road & The Story of Our Special Day

We are back from our AMAZING road trip and scrambling to get our 'ish together before our big Europe trip. Check out some amazing images of our trip from my hubby who is an aspiring (and fantastic) photographer. Here's a bit about our trip in his words:

"We had a fab road trip over the course of a week. The first 24 hours were probably the worst, driving through hours of nothingness in West Texas and New Mexico. Spent the first night in Odessa, Tx which is a place hopefully none of you will ever need to go. As you can see the sunsets in the desert are the best ever! The second night was in Santa Fe, NM which was awesome. Worth visiting, but hella old peeps so kinda boring after dark, but then there are casinos which is where we won $300 and obviously lost it all back within 24 hour. The third and fourth nights were spent in Flagstaff, AZ which is an hour from the Grand Canyon, which truly was spectacular. The fifth and sixth nights we spent in Huntington Beach (SoCal) Shyla's old college stomping ground--and yes we did get wasted beyond recognition on tequila.

About the head shaving, I decided to do it on my way out of Houston after I sold all my stuff and packed my car. I felt like after quitting a steady job, and deciding to move and then travel for several months without a paycheck was a retarded enough decision to warrant something very extreme. At first it took a while to get used to, but now I totally love it, so it's going to stay for a while. Plus it was fun to see the shock effect on the fam since I didn't tell a soul about it."

Here are some images of the amazingly delicious food we ate too. I am now starving to be bathing suit ready for Europe in seven days, ahh!

OH ... I ALMOST forgot ... Check out this extra special link to a sneak peek of some stunning wedding pictures:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lightening in Odessa and Aliens in Roswell

Sorry for the lack of updates but we are now creatures of the road! We are three days in to our road trip and it's been quite the adventure. There is no better way to kick-off married life than a cross-country road trip. Some of the highlights include:

1. Getting caught on an un-lit two-road highway at 11pm in the midst of a lightening storm in the middle of who-knows where Texas.
2. Eating french fries and fast food everyday. (For instance, lunch today was McDonalds and dinner was Del Taco.)
3. The Alien Museum in Roswell, NM as seen on the Kendra show!
4. Endless amounts of casinos off the highways in New Mexico. The good news: We won $235! The bad news: We lost it an hour later.
5. The turquoise trail outside of Santa Fe, NM
6. A gorgeous sunset on the horizon every evening.

Many, many more stories but that's just a tid-bit to keep you in the loop. Dan had a waffle shaped like Texas for breakfast in Odessa, Texas on day one. Perhaps state-shaped (or anything shaped for that matter) food could be a great addition to a wedding celebration ... I'm just sayin'.

Monday, May 10, 2010

I Got It from My Mama

We are knee-deep in packing and prepping for our cross-country road-trip from Houston to SF. If anyone has any suggestions of stuff to see along the way, let me know! Our plans as of now are to stop in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the Grand Canyon, and Newport Beach (my old 'hood). Since I'm not home in SF I didn't have any access to these until I got some scanned copies from my Mama, but here's a bit of an homage to my very special mama the day after mother's day.

I love the idea of incorporating family photos into your wedding. Either in frames on a special area or hanging from clothespins on a line. We didn't get a chance to do this as wrangling in photos from India is no easy task, but here's a few I would have picked if we had:

Love you mama.

That's me in the testube! My mom and sis when they found out a baby was on the way.

I'm the crying baby ...
Sissy, Mommy, Me and some llamas.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Khaana Means Food: We Like it Spicy!

I'm currently in Houston sorting through Dan's stuff and getting ready for our big roadtrip. Ever since the wedding I've turned into a baby Beluga whale and have decided it's appropriate to eat like a pregnant woman. Two days ago I had Benihanas for lunch and Buca di Beppo for dinner. WTF?! I am petrified to get on the scale after a week in Houston and five days of fast food on the road. All this eating has made me think about our wedding menu ... here it is:

Chicken Tikkas
Aloo Tikki
Paneer Tikka
Sheek Kabab
Shrimp Tikka

Main Course:
Lamb Chops
Chilli Chicken
Lamb Biryani
Veg Biryani
Nav Rattan Vegetables

Assorted Naan, Roti

Gulab Jamun

We also had some fabulous late night snacks, amazing cupcakes, and of course, plenty of booze (including a special mango martini!) I'll post on all that stuff later. Our cater was the cutest old man called Anil from Wah Jee Wah in Fremont, CA. While the food was awesomely delicious, it was also awesomely spicy, a bit overly spicy! This made for some good stories of burning buttholes the following day as well as one blonde surfer dude friend of mine consuming EIGHT lamb chops ... EIGHT! Everyone loved the apps and loved dousing their food in raita to curb the intense spice. We still have leftovers in the fridge so feel free to come over for some extra spicy Lamb Biryani!

This pic is from our tasting a few weeks earlier, yum!

Friday, May 7, 2010

How Indian Guys Pick Up Chicks

I am actually on my way to Houston to spend the week packing Dan up and driving his car cross country from Houston to SF. (So why a I blogging instead of packing when I have to leave in one hours, ahhh?!) We are officially no longer ever going to have to be apart for the rest of our lives! Woo hoo!

My friend Sanjay is hilarious. So hilarious that he moonlights as a stand-up comedian when he's not busy being a big time corporate consultant. He is so going to be the next Russell Peters. (If you don't know who Russ is, google him and be prepared to die laughing.) Apparently at our wedding, Sanjay coupled with his bff Furhan, and their cousin Shazieh to do a skit on how dorky Indian dudes pick up girls at weddings. Check this hilarious 'ish out below. Watch 'til the end for a sneak peek of my walk down the aisle and my Dad tripping on my sari!

(Click here to watch it the clip won't fit properly below.)

It's a Buddha-ful Day!

There are few things more peaceful than the image of a Buddha. Danoosh and I got my parents a giant Buddha statue for the garden as a thank you gift for throwing an amazing wedding. I found these guys today and wanted to share.

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.--Buddha

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just One + Some Poms

Here's just one photo of me and my gorgeous sister who gave an AWESOME speech from our beyond incredibly talented professional photog, Alpana from Storybox Art. Can't wait to see the rest, yo! And yes, we did end up using the flower poms ... they turned out pretty spectacular, no?

The Night Before the BIG Night

From Saudi Arabia and India to London and New York, we had wedding guests traveling far and wide to attend our special day. We thought it really sucked that we'd only get to see most of them on the actual wedding day so we planned a chillaxed beer and pizza party at Pauline's Pizza in the Mission the night before. We stuffed our faces with pizza, heard some speeches from a few close friends, and just got a chance to spend some time with the special people in our life the night before the big night. I think the best part of the night before party was that everybody got meet and make friends before the wedding. I think all brides and grooms should plan something fun, silly, and special to get everyone together before they get hitched.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lal Means Red, Rang Means Color: The Flowers

The best advice I have for choosing vendors, is to pick someone who knows what they are doing and let them do their thang. Danoosh's philosophy (which I completely agree with) is to never critique a creative. When it comes to getting people to do their best work which they are passionate about and personally involved in, give them the freedom to make the big decisions and you will surely adore the final product.

When it came to flowers, that's exactly what I did. The florist was the one vendor we shopped around for quite a bit. One lady gave an estimate for 25K (and we showed her the door). Another one just wasn't quite my style. One more florist that I loved took over three months to send an estimate which made me wonder if she'd even show up on the actual big day. When I met the lovely Jill and Alethea of Studio Choo at Starbucks on 2nd Street it was love at fifth (or sixth) florist! I knew immediately that they were the ones ...  and boy ... oh boy was I right.

For the table arrangements, I pretty much told them I like bright, beautiful colors with lots of hot pinks, reds, purples, oranges, and greens--the works. We decided to use old Indian soda bottles like Thums Up, Limca, and Fanta, large mango pulp cans, stainless steel cups, and glass jars instead of vases. Take a peek of the end result, pretty awesome, no?

Hooked, Booked, and Cooked ... Again

I am sorry for my embarrassingly long absence, but life's been a bit insane. Dan and I got married (again!) in San Francisco this past weekend. It was beyond my wildest dreams of bridal perfection. There is no better feeling in the world then dancing your pants off in a room full of people you love so much you want to explode. I promise to take some time this week to post some pictures of all the little details and final touches of our oh-so perfect day.

Of all the numerous compliments we've received for the wedding (and there's been quite a few!) the best one has been, "It was just so you--so Shy and Dan."