Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SJP, Is That You?! My Love for Tulle

Like most girls on most parts of the planet, I am obsessed with Sex and the City. My hubs even thinks my inspiration to be a writer is a direct link to my belief that I am Carrie Bradshaw, the Indian version, (subconsciously, he might be right ...). So, when searching for part two of my bridal outfit for the San Francisco wedding, I managed to find an outfit that channeled Carrie just a little bit.

I wanted something Indian, yet Western, and classic yet modern ... It was no easy feat. I ended up stumbling into a store called Atrima, one of the few stores in Northern California with quality Indian clothing. I found a gorgeous white tulle skirt that was paired with a not-so gorgeous sequin blouse. I just adored the skirt, but I hated the top. I ended up pairing the top with a red brocade sari blouse and voila! I love the end result! It's Indian on top and American on the bottom. What's more American bride then a big white skirt and what's more Indian than a red and gold sari? Morale of the story: I love tulle and I love Carrie Bradshaw. Check out these pictures for some inspiration, however, remember, I HATE pink.



  1. gorgeous. i'm not a superfan of tulle (flashbacks to ballet lessons) but these are really awesome.

  2. Who doesn't love tulle? As long as it isn't draped around banisters, it's a good thing.

  3. Hey Shyla, thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope to see more of you...