Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ravishing Red Dress

Immediately after I landed stateside the search for the dress for the San Francisco wedding started. I needed something that was comfortable enough to dance and drink in for hours and hours and that was cute enough for me to look back on for a lifetime and not think WTF was I thinking?! I didn’t want a white dress (that just doesn’t feel right) nor did I want another sari (I’m wearing my Indian sari already for the ceremony in SF). So, I decided I wanted a red dress. 

After a brief and disheartening search, I realized that dress shopping is not my forte. Actually, I hate it more than anything. I’d rather have my fingernails individually removed with pliers then waste my weekends shopping for dresses—seriously.

I finally found an outfit that is quintessentially IndoWestern—it works beautifully well. More on that to come, but in the mean time I had, had, HAD to share this gem of a dress that I found on etsy (the best site in the world) made by Ruby Pearl. I have this dress bookmarked and gaze at it whenever I feel grumpy. It is simply stunning. It reminds me of Penelope at the Oscars this year. Ugh. So. Pretty. Makes. Me. Hurt.

If only I was taller, skinnier, and had smaller boobs, this would have been the dress I chose. (No, I don’t need a lesson in self-esteem, merely stating the facts. Certain things work on certain bodies, certain things don’t.) Unfortunately after consulting with a few of my most trusted allies, we came to terms with the fact that this dress would make me look like a big, round, rotten tomato. However, I’ll still share it with you so you can appreciate its beauty.

Amazing, huh?

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