Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's All in the Writing ...

I decided to learn calligraphy. I'm going to Michael's this weekend to buy a kit and teach myself. I used to think calligraphy was just something old grannies did when they were bored, but I've recently discovered what a truly amazing art form it is. One day I hope to have my own calligraphy business and address beautiful invitations for beautiful people. Until then, I'll search the internet for people who are doin' it already.

I came across Primele Calligraphy on Etsy (obvi!) and instantly fell in love. Primitive Feel. Modern Style. Natural Elements. Simply and utterly gorgeous.


  1. These are beautiful indeed! I am thinking about learning also. Do they sell sets at Michael's? I will have to check that out!

  2. I know, right kiki? I just got an email from the mastermind behind these designs and here's what she said:

    I suppose my real start with calligraphy began back in college. I was studying illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design at the time, and one of my professors (who had a former life as a calligrapher) noticed by work with pen and ink and encouraged me to continue exploring with the medium. I guess you could say I'm self taught. it's been a lot of trial and error trying different nibs, inks, papers, techniques, styles, etc., but eventually I hit on some things I was pretty satisfied with.
    John Neal Booksellers is a good source for materials if you're looking for one, and library books on the subject (be they a bit dated) have some good suggestions when it comes to tools and materials. From there it's just a lot of practice (a bit like learning to play the piano, I think). Enjoy!

  3. adore her work - hope you used her. Its stunning stuff :)

  4. awesome find!! your blog is awesome. Keep it up, Shy!

  5. wow, great find. I'm definitely going to look them up.