Sunday, March 7, 2010

DIY STDs (i.e. Save the Dates!)

Before India I made and sent save-the-dates to all of our guests for the San Francisco wedding. While I don't think save-the-dates and totally necessary, I did them because I knew we would be in a time crunch to get invites out immediately when we returned from Bombay and am SO happy I did considering we're about seven weeks out and I'm still sending invites. (Ahhhhhh!)

I made ours myself with paper from Flax, the best craft store in San Francisco, and stamps from the Paper Source, an incredible paper shop in the Bay Area.

I bought three different Indiany stamps (fish, an elephant, and an Indian motif) and created an embossed image with the stamps on a plain white card. I then handwrote a little note to each guest telling them how much we'd love to celebrate our wedding with them. I used red envelopes lined with newspapers I cut from the India West paper and sealed them with a real wax seal.

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