Thursday, December 3, 2009

BFFs Through Thick and Thin

I am thrilled to be a bridesmaid in my best friend Sarah’s wedding next Fall, woo hoo! We kicked off a year of wedding festitvites this past weekend with a mafia-style Italian drunken fiesta in North Beach this past Saturday. Sarah gave each bridesmaid a letter to emphasize her Bridezilla-ness and fabulousness:

Hi Girls,

The day has finally come ... I am tying the knot with the one and only Mr. Grover. I figured I would write to each one of you to ensure we were on the same page with all bridesmaids and ME the wonderful bride. I have made a list of “bridesmaid duties” so there is no confusion on this journey down the aisle with me. I really believe in the formal wedding etiquette and I expect for all of you to abide the following requests:

1. You must never wear any wedding ring/nice baubles around me since my ring must be the center of attention at all times.

2. Do not diet before the wedding since I must be the skinny bitch of the group
3. Ask me if I need anything prior to the big day, including driving me, feeding me, and making sure I look good at all times
4. Check in with me once a week with all updated information on planning.
5. I expect the most amazing bachelorette party, everyone must match in pink and black and I want seven Chippendale dancers in a luxury suite. I will only go out if you glue condoms to a veil that I can go out in later that night!
6. Don’t make a spectacle out of yourself by drinking too much, this is a sober event.
7. Do not complain about any of my decisions on dresses or accessories.
8. I expect a long praising speech from each of you about all of my amazing qualities at each event as well as the wedding day.

J/K, I’m sick to my stomach even writing those things, HAHAHA.

On a serious note, I am so honored to have you girls by my side for my wedding day. I am so excited to plan and party for the next year. For many years we have been through thick and thin (literally, have you seen my ass?) and ups and truthfully not that many downs! You have helped me become the person I am today and nothing makes me happier than planning this wedding with you four. I have to confess my love to you and tell you how much fun I am having planning this with you!

Cheers to a really fun year!