Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pretty Pretty Paper

There are a few places that I must visit every time I go to Bombay: the Sea Lounge, the coffee shop at the Taj Mahal hotel, Copper Chimney (best kabobs and naan in India), and Chiminlals, the paper store. Indians are world-renowned for their beautiful handicrafts and one of our specialties is handmade paper. From notepaper to wrapping paper and chocolate boxes to tissue boxes, Chiminlalas is a one-stop stationary shop. (And the prices! If you convert, it’s just an embarrassment—so cheap!) Unfortunately, you can’t order Chiminlal’s products online in the USA. Fortunately, I stumbled across Indkia Imports, an online boutique that carries the same high-quality high-beauty products available in the USA. Hurray!

While I am still figuring out how and where I’ll include pretty Indian paper on our big day, I know this is one Indian tradition I won’t forget.

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  1. Wow those are gorgeous. Are u going to use them? Very cool and unusual.