Thursday, September 3, 2009

Here Comes the Nightmares

I don’t really feel very stressed out about my wedding. To be honest, I barely even think about it (ironic, I know considering I have a wedding blog). However, last night I had a horrific nightmare about my wedding. I woke up in a cold sweat thanking the good old lordy that I was merely dreaming.

I don’t remember every detail of my ’mare clearly, but I do remember a few standout terrifying moments:

  • Me being clinically obese to the point where I no longer fit in my white gown. (Weird because I don’t plan on wearing a white gown.) I ended up looking like a stuffed, sweaty sausage rolling down the aisle—not a flattering image.
  • My groom showing up drenched in water and perspiration wearing cargo shorts and a blue and yellow striped polo shirt. His excuse was that he was attacked my some sort of water-something on his way to the ceremony.
  • The venue looked disastrous. The flower arrangements I chose were heinous and there were florescent colors everywhere and I was royally devastated.
Clearly this means I have some repressed psychological stress issues to deal with it before the big day comes along. I think the reason I tend not to think about the wedding is because it’s just to goddamn overwhelming. There are so many people to please, so many decisions to make, and I just don’t know where (or how) to truly begin.
At least we have picked all the vendors and in that sense are completely ready. However, I just heard from a friend who went to a friends destination wedding about two hours away and they said it was amazing and gorgeous … it made me re-think the whole urban San Francisco art gallery eco-chic minimalist Indian-inspired thing we had going ...
AHHHH. Ok, now I am going to watch Top Chef, sleep, and deal with this wedding insanity another day (and post pretty pictures for you to admire in the meantime).

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  1. i'd say - you gotta own it! make it yours. decide on what you'd love to have as part of your wedding and just do it. no one else to think about...nothing else to do about it...Take action and enjoy the process!