Monday, July 13, 2009

Advice from a Fellow Bride

My friend Anna is in the midst of planning her wedding. After sending out her invites, I got this hilarious email from her that I had to share:

Hello Recent/Upcoming Brides!

I have had the "pleasure" of dealing with wedding RSVP's. To ensure that you are not blindsided, and to do some venting, here are my top 10 favorite RSVP scenarios thus far:

10. Multiple inquiries if her sister (who I barely know) is invited to the wedding.

9. Friend's surprise that her father is not included in the rehearsal festivities.

8. Trickery about a date/+1 (thought they were an actual item, but instead they are "fuck buddies").

7. Inviting his/her own guests (despite the invite clearly only stating specific names). Includes names. (this includes my very own father).

6. Inviting his/her own guests (despite the invite clearly only stating specific names). Does not includes can call them "plus one." 

5. Late RSVP responses.

4. No RSVP response at all.

3. No response to my response about their lack of response.

2. "Aunt Terry's bringing her daughter, but she doesn't have to eat."

1. RSVPing that all invited are intending, but then finding out 3rd person that actually the kids aren't coming...(still haven't been officially told)

Oh the joys of getting married... ;)

Thank YOU for the advice my friend!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hope from the Motherland!

This article entitled Indian Court: Gay Sex is Legal made me smile.

A bit of hope on the equal love for all front from the motherland.

Someday every couple will have the right to love--no matter the country or sexuality.

Good Night.