Monday, June 1, 2009

Worth Fighting For

I found this breathtaking quote on i can read, a gorgeous site that celebrates images with words. I am an incredibly lucky girl to have found the most sweet, adorable, and loving hubby-to-be. That being said, life together (clearly!) isn't all strawberries and orgasms. This phrase really touched my heart today because there is a very real chance that we may have to do long distance for the next six months to a year before we get married. A scary predicament, but worth it because I know that our love is always worth fighting for (and have no doubt that together we will always win).


  1. What a lovely quote!
    Two weddings on opposite sides of the world, wow. I planned two ceremonies here in the bay area and thought that was difficult!

    So true!
    Often the best things in life have to be fought for on some level--- but so so sooo worth it!