Wednesday, June 24, 2009

With This Tandoori Lamb Chop, I Thee Wed

{In our culture wedding food is traditionally served on a banana leaf. While I'm not sure we will necessarily serve our food on a banana leaf, we will definitely incorporate them into our decor somehow.} 

Foregoing lobsters for burgers and foie gras for fries is so my bridal style. If Nor Cal’s summer weather and my parent’s snobby suburban neighbors would permit, I would totally celebrate my coming nuptials with a backyard bbq. I was thrilled to stumble upon this article With This Burger, I Thee Wed in the NY Times today that’s directly in line with my sentiment. With the economy in the sewer, couples are doing what they can to curb costs at their wedding. One of the first places people start dollar slashing is the menu. I personally prefer home-style burgers and fries to the fancy (and often tasteless) asparagus and duck confit that they serve at weddings anyways.

In line with our beliefs, we are choosing an Indian caterer who brings his own tandoori bbq and grills fresh lamb chops, chicken tikkas, and naans on the spot. (Yum!) His catering style is far from fancy and his food is far from average. We used him at my sister’s wedding and there was a line down the driveway for his tandoori treats.

Basically, in today's economy budget-savvy brides don’t want their guests leaving the party saying, “Damn, they spent how much on that wedding?!” Recessionista couples want guests feeling comfortable, at home, and most importantly saying, “Damn, that was the most fun wedding ever!” I couldn’t agree more. 

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