Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stop and Smell the Roses

Hubby-to-be and me spent a lovely, lazy Saturday wandering around the Mission in San Francisco this weekend. I love the Mission for it’s eclectic mix of culture, food, people, and style … it’s just so San Francisco. We wandered in and out of thrift stores, ate the best fried egg sammy in the world, soaked up the sun in Dolores Park, and had some blue bottle coffee.

We stopped and smelt the roses (literally) at my fave grocery store Bi-Rite. I was mesmerized by the deep red peonies and lush-smelling lavender. Flowers are so breathtaking just by themselves. There’s truly no need for bazillion dollar arrangements by design-school graduates to make our day special.

I guess this past Saturday just taught us that there is no better time then right this minute (ESPECIALLY during the wedding planning insanity) to stop and smell the roses.

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