Friday, June 5, 2009

Boo on You Wedding Flowers!

I am currently in San Francisco (hurray!) spending some time with the fam. My overly enthusiastic mother is in hard-core wedding-mode. This includes non-stop chatter about table linens, napkin colors, floral designs, and photographers. This also includes various appointments. Today we saw two wedding florists. The first one we saw "just for ideas." This woman definitely creates some floral masterpieces but her base price is $12,000 to $15,000 dollars. RIDICULOUSA. 

After days and days of non-stop wedding nonsense I am further and further creeping into a black anti-wedding hole. I am excited about the wedding, but really not so much about tablecloths, flowers, high-boys, and bouquets. How does an anti-bride plan a love-filled wedding in a world of floral and family insanity?


  1. Just curious, are you looking for flowers for the SF wedding? I have a list of wedding-vendor contacts, I can send over if you think it would help.

  2. Girl, I feel you. I am in exactly the same boat! My big fat Desi wedding is fast approaching...