Thursday, June 18, 2009

Birds of a Feather Flock Together


Ever since I started this whole wedding planning process I’ve been transfixed by the idea of large branches—cherry blossoms, dogwood trees, and willows.  I have a vision of huge vases brimming with tall overflowing branches, dimly lit candles, and brightly colored flowers. That's why the image above first caught my attention, after I digging a bit deeper I was sold ...

The Wedding Co has embarked on a global DIY art project. They are collecting origami paper cranes from engaged couples around the world to create a chandelier of cranes. With a goal to collect 10,000 cranes, they will contribute 50¢ from each birdie received to cancer research. The end result will be an overpowering community-made art installation. (How cool is that?) Couples should send a handmade crane with their names and the location of their wedding to the Wedding Co. to be a part of a global flock of love.

(I’ve already started on ours ... )


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  2. What a beautiful idea! I've seen many wedding where cranes are used to celebrate Japanese culture. The Wedding Co. is putting their success to good use.