Monday, May 11, 2009

What's Important: Elephants, Drinking, and Dancing

Elephants are important to me. I have no idea why but I've always had an affinity to them. I wouldn't be surprised if it has something to do with my curry-filled belly and large nose  ... 

I ADORE these invites for Inkylive on called The Darjeeling Wedding Invitation Set. I suggested them to my family members in India and they vetoed saying that everyone in India will think we chose them because we are fat like elephants. (Seriously, they really think like that in the motherland.) For my invites I plan to design them myself with the help of our close family friend Shiraaz (an incredible artist). I'll keep you posted on that project ...

My wedding—or “circus” as I fondly call it—has already taken on a life of its own. With parents around the world trying to pick out my outfit and aunties putting their two cents in about venues, I already feel like my head is being put through the masala grinder. I’ve decided to sit back, relax, and just pay attention to the things that are important:

My Boo: Clearly.

Food: I love food. I will make sure there are juicy kabobs, warm garlic naans, delicious biryani, and generally fantabulous Indian food at my wedding.

Drinking: I’ve been known to throw back a vodka soda (or two or three) in my day. I want the champagne and tequila to be flowing like the river Ganges.

Dancing: I’ve also been known to drop it like it’s hot on the dance floor. I want the aunties in their saris and the men in their tuxes to get down and crazy to Like A Prayer, Don’t Stop Believing, and Blame it on the Alcohol. 

Family & Friends: More important than the food, drinking, and dancing, is doing it all with my family and friends. A wedding is the one time in your life when everyone you love is in the same room. That and only that is the most critical reason to even have a wedding (and the only reason I am not eloping in the Maldives).

Clearly I am not going to walk down the aisle to Mozart in B or Beethoven’s XVI symphony (so not me). I’ve been asking around facebook, the office, and friends in general for a song to walk down the aisle to. Some suggestions are:

  • Make Love in this Club
  • Too Drunk to Fuck
  • Like a Virgin
  • Boom Boom Pow

Suggestions? Comments? Any ideas for my big walk of love?


  1. What about Henry Mancini! "Baby Elephant Walk" (cuz you know they're comin'!)

  2. Sorry! Try this:

  3. Ahhh!!! Monique, you are fabulous. I am SO down for the Elephant Dance. It's between that and Blame it on the Alcohol.

  4. shy - i am famous ;) thanks for including me on your blog ! ha !
    i think 'like a virgin' would be very fitting at your circus :) and i am sure it will be the funnest, bestest, amazingest, circus ever !!