Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Unexpected Inspiration: Hoedown Style

I admit it; I am a San Francisco snob. Clearly, this presents profound issues in my life as I currently live in Houston, Texas. (Oh the things you’ll do for love!) I’m honest and frank about my snobbery and would not be caught dead with anything cowboy-esque on my big day. However, this past weekend in Austin, Texas I found some unexpected inspiration from the last place I would have expected.

My bro-in-law has an obsessive, borderline spiritual relationship with food. He’d painstakingly scoped out hot spots to chow down on our trip to Austin. The spot du jour was the Salt Lick—an Austin bbq institution. The second we walked in my sister said, “You know how fat people go to fat camps to lose weight—well, we’re are at the exact opposite type of place.” It was an all you can eat bbq extravaganza—ribs, brisket, links, bbq chicken, potato salad, beans, coleslaw, biscuits—the works. I am not even a fan of bbq but this was a spiritual experience. (I cannot even tell you how incredibly succulent and delicious those ribs were. If you ever find yourself in Austin … trust me.) From families downing home-brought coolers of beers to bbq lovers from every corner of the state, there was something oddly spectacular about the Salt Lick.

As we pulled away from the Salt Lick in a level of food comatose I had never before experienced, we saw a gorgeous and truly Texan couple getting married on the Salt Lick property. (The restaurant is situated 30 miles outside of Austin in a lush green farming area.) We were enthralled (as people usually are when they happen to stumble across a wedding). However, the beauty was in the simplicity. This couple clearly loved bbq, beer, line dancing, and community. It was an example of sticking to who you are and what you love (while giving the finger to pre-conceived wedding expectations and the wedding industry complex).

While I don’t anticipate getting down hoedown style on my big day, I do anticipate a day of community, simplicity, good food, and being true to us—that’s exactly what that beautifully truly Texan couple did at the Salt Lick.

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