Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shame On You California

I feel guilty. I feel sad. I feel betrayed. Today California Supreme Court upheld proposition 8 banning same sex marriage rights in California. I feel guilty, sad, and betrayed.

I feel guilty because my community deems the love I share with my fiance is stronger than the love my gay friends share with their partners. I feel sad because although President Obama's election broke down barriers for some in our country, the fight for human rights in our country persists. I feel betrayed because a right that we were given was snatched away—by an ignorant minority.

Those who oppose gay marriage claim that gay marriage taints the sanctity of marriage. To those I say, what about adultery? Doesn’t adultery do a greater disservice to the sanctity of marriage? How about polygamy? Abuse? Incest? Statutory rape? 

Those who oppose gay marriage have strong beliefs in faith. I believe that God believes in freedom and God believes in love. I believe that freedom does not see colors, sexual orientation, or class. I believe that love is a human right. How can we as a nation say that we have changed and made progress when we are oppressing our community members rights to love and freedom?

I believe that the gay rights movement is the civil rights movement of our generation. I believe one day all men will be created equal and all men will be allowed to marry the one they choose and the one they love—regardless of sex.

{Visit the Courage Campaign's website to contribute and watch their moving video set to one of my favorite songs, Regina Spektor's Fidelity.}

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  1. Shyla, thanks for writing this. Very articulate and it's assuring to know that (some) straight people actually get it. You rock!