Monday, May 18, 2009

Paper Flowers in Austin, TX

We went to visit my fave married couple (my sissy Zeena + her hubby Arjun) in Austin, Texas this past weekend. They were in town for a friend's wedding. I fell in love with Austin, it's just adorable. I love the indie, hip vibe of the city. Plus, there were so many gorgeous boutiques, stylish people, and eclectic cafes. 

I discovered this incredibly inspiring store specializing in independent design and home accessories called Finch in the 2nd street shopping district. They had these adorable tissue-paper flowers scattered around the store. I immediately thought these would be perfect for centerpieces on my big day. I am a huge advocate and fan of DIY (do-it-yourself) projects.

Here's a quick how-to on making these whimsical paper flowers:

1. Hunt in your yard for fallen twigs and branches
2. Collect tissue paper, newspaper, magazines, old wrapping paper, and various kinds of paper
3. Cut the twigs into the desired height of your floral arrangements
4. Cut circles, petals, amoebas, and any shape you desire for your flowers
5. Use a hole-punch (you can get hole punches in any and every shape at craft stores) to punch a hole in the center of your petals
5. Stack 3 to 5 petals on each twig and ... walla!

Clearly you can use your imagination and get incredibly creative with this basic blue-print. I'm thinking cherry-blossom type flowers, huge vases over-flowing with flowers in different colors, painted stems, who knows! Not only are these flowers eco-friendly, but they are also incredibly affordable. Considering the average centerpiece is $40-60, it's a great, personal way to save money and create something personal that guests will remember.


  1. Silly Shy, don't you remember we made these as art projects in elementary school when spring time came?? The only difference is that we used pipe cleaners and bright kid-friendly colors. I can lead the art class for this one, no problem.

  2. Oh Jandu, you are so right. ;-) You are officially the art director.

    P.S. I forgot to mention this faboo pic was taken by my faboo fiance and his uber cool iPhone

  3. These look great!
    I guess I will make some for my studio, cause I am really bad with real plants...