Friday, May 15, 2009

Inspiration Board: Dance India

A lot of bridey-boos have what I've learned to be "inspiration boards." These boards are a collage of pink flowers, bejeweled shoes, cake toppers, and a wide array of cheesy wedding nonsense. Clearly, I do not plan to have an inspiration board. (Minus the picture of  Scarlett Johansson I keep on the fridge to prevent myself from scarfing unnecessary pieces of brie cheese.) 

However, I stumbled across this gorgeous block print made by Shyama on and it completely sums up my inspiration for the big day (and life in general)a vintage postcard of the Taj Mahal, a scrap of newspaper in Hindi, daring reds, ethnic prints, and a glamourous couple dancing the night away. (Check out Shyama's amazing creations at

Look for inspiration in unconventional places, not bridal magazines, wedding shows, and what you think looks right ... I know I am


  1. I saw this post on BrideTide. It seem like you are going to need the BEST photographer for this journey :-)
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    cheers and congratulations :-)

  2. I like DID.....n also crazy about daNCE..