Friday, May 15, 2009

Indo-Western Flavor: Sabyasachi

Indo-Western Clothing: fusion of Indian and Western style; kurta tops (Indian-style blouses), dupattas (long Indian-printed scarves), jeans with cholis (sexy sari blouses)

I am part Indian, part Western—clearly I adore Indo-Western fashion. My fave Indian designer is Sabyasachi, a father of Indo-Western designs. His pieces are full of color, texture, depth and represent modern Indian women. Check out his magnificent website to see why I love him so much. The sari I wore to Zeen's wedding (see me on the far right of Champagne + Mojito = Good Toast post) is a Sabhyaschi design.

While I don't know what I will wear to the San Francisco wedding, I know that it won't be a white dress or a white sari. Hopefully it will be a gorgeous Indo-Western design.

No matter your culture or aesthetic, I am a huge advocate for incorporating other traditions into your wedding. Furthermore I am a huge advocate of going against tradition and wearing red, black, a kimono, a suit, a bikni or whatever screams you.  

In the meantime, check out Sabyasachi's gorgeous designs for some inspiration, I know they inspire me.


  1. These dresses are gorgeous! FAB! I just love the clever name of your blog too:)

  2. These are beautiful. Where are they sold?

  3. Hey! I am not sure where Sabhysachi sells in the USA, some fancy Indian boutiques will have him like Grand Trunk in Fremont, CA. Check his website too!

  4. Hi Shyla,

    PIA KA GHAR is Sabyasachi's retailer in the