Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

That's baby me on my mom's lap, my sissy Zeena, Danoosh (!) on his sister's lap, and his mom in green. I'm thinking about making a virtual save-the-date with this image. How awesome is it to have a picture of me and my hubby to be at just a few months old?!

With a mother in Italy and a mother-in-law in India, our Mother's Day brunch celebration consisted of Cherrios and Folgers Instant Coffee. I told the hubby-to-be (Danoosh) that he should take me out to celebrate today as I am his future baby's mama! He said, "that's ridiculous."

I think a great way to make our wedding day more meaningful will be to incorporate things from our parent's wedding into ours. My mom was a gorgeous (and 102lbs!!) bride at the bright young age of 21 years old. Damn. I feel young at 26 going on 27.

Some of the things I plan to do to at our wedding to keep our parents an integral part of our special day are:
1. Incorporating pictures of them during their wedding into our decorations.
2. I am wearing the same necklace that my mother wore on her wedding day.
3. I am going to try and buy a sari that mirrors my mother's wedding sari.

I plan to wear a white sari to the wedding in Bombay. Finding one is the tough part. Let the search begin ... Here are some amazing sari's my mom's friend Kamal found for me at India Textiles at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Bombay: 

(This gold one reminds me exactly of the one my mom wore.)


  1. What a cute picture! Your mom looks soo much like you! So sweet that those two little babies will be married soon! That sari material is beautiful. I love the gold.

  2. Come shopping in New York Shyla!! I'd love to join you. xxomoni :)

  3. shysta, you look TOO much like your mama. i can't believe it!? love from l.a.

  4. Well aren't you a cutie pie? And what a great pic of your whole family! Love the sari look-alike that your mom wore...that's stunning. You are gonna be one knockout gorgeous bride!

  5. You sure looked cute and what a hot mama! Love those big eyes, your fiance looks very calm and sweet. What a great idea to use this for your wedding.