Saturday, May 23, 2009

Casablanca Lanterns and Good Friends

I am in DC having a fabooboo time with my dear friend Ana-Maria Comsa Antonescu. Unfortunately, we have a bad internet connection and are out and about quite a bit, so I can't update as much as I would like. However, I must mention that it's so good to spend time with girlfriends, especially one who just went through a wedding herself. We've spent every night downing Sapphire and Tonics and having heart to hearts. I'll keep you posted on any Obama sightings.

So, as I previously mentioned, the traditional oh-so-common floral centerpieces cost about $60-$80 on average. I found these gorgeous Casablanca Lanterns from Z Gallerie for only ... wait for it ... $7.95 a piece! (Loud applause please.) They would make a perfect Persian-esque decoration paired with tea lights, colorful fabrics, flower petals, and surrounded by your loved ones. 

Check out this example below; it's so majestic, unique, and something your guests will remember well past the wedding day.


  1. So how many are U gonna buy??

  2. These are such great finds! Love them.

  3. This is really gorgeous. You should totally do this in Indian-inspired, rich colors. Love it.