Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Buh Bye Boutonnieres

{I'm still in DC recovering from a fun and fabulous weekend with my east coast girlfriends, my hubby-to-be, and his buddies. Back to Houston tomorrow!}

Indian grooms don't traditionally wear boutonnieres. However, with these original anti-flower designs from Fritts I'm certainly considering breaking tradition and having my boo don one of these adorable pseudo-boutonnieres. San Francisco-based (woo-hoo!) flower gal Erin Rosenow crafts these whimsy accoutrements, usually custom made.  

"guys...we know you don't all want to wear roses on your lapel. gals...we know that you want your men to express themselves. with that in mind, we created fritts rosenow bespoke boutonnieres with the intention of allowing men to display their personality. each boutonniere is created with the individual in mind."

From sci-fi chic to nautical themed, these pins will let our guests know that we are far from the average couple.

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