Thursday, May 28, 2009

Branches, Blossoms, and Burgers

I got back to Houston late last night after a faboo week in DC. I lived in DC from 2005–2006 and that city will always have a special place in my heart. I can already see how the Obama’s youth and enthusiasm are permeating throughout the city. I read in People magazine that Michelle Obama recently ate at Good Stuff Eatery, the love-child creation from Spike of Top Chef, my fave show. Clearly, I had to go there. It was the best burger I’ve ever had in my life—hands down. Don’t miss the Obama burger with sweet grilled onions, crisp bacon, tart current jam, and feta cheese {pictured below}.

Seeking further inspiration from my time in the nations capital, there is nothing more romantic then flowering trees. Cherry blossoms are a symbol of the capital, but dogwood trees and magnolias are equally stunning. In a potted plant they make a great eco-friendly take-away for guests. They can be used to display place cards, to top the cake, or as décor for the entire room. I am picturing the Z Gallerie Moroccan lanterns, a few branches, and plenty of candles. I’ve always pictured branches and blossoms on my big day. After realizing their connection to a city I once called home, I will definitely find them a place.

{Image courtesy of ritzy bee blog} 

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  1. I was in DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival early this year and your photo reminded me of the good time I had there. I'll try Good Stuff Eatery on my next visit. Happy weekend!